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Daylite Webinar

Daylite Webinar

Orion creates high value benefits to attendees. Seminars on Daylite, and third party plugins that extend functionality in specific vertical industries, are a highly effective and cost effective way of “test-driving” both Daylite and Orion.

You have the opportunity to learn whether Daylite is the CRM for your business and if Orion is the right master partner for your team. You can determine in a seminar whether these two assets will move your business toward your expected growth goals.

Webinars also lead to higher learning success rates and greater satisfaction among staff due to a high level of engagement and timeliness. Key Advantages: Identify and target specific need areas. Engaging content and discussion with seasoned experts in Apple-based Customer Relationship Management and integration solutions. User friendly, fun and efficient. Use Cases: Pre-Sales Seminar Training Seminar Best Practice Seminar Orion’s on-line seminars are steeped in 30 years of CRM experience across industries. The why and how of CRM as well as Best Practices permeate every seminar.

We are experts at understanding your needs and communicating the broader picture as it related to your business, industry and work flow.


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