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Offsite Backup

Offsite Backup

Orion’s iDayliteBDR is a fully-managed service for our discriminating Daylite CRM customers alone, we do not provide backup services for non-Daylite customers.

As with all of our products and services, Orion caters to a specific group of business professionals - Daylite CRM users. Disasters happen, so it’s vital to have a recovery plan in place. Today, cloud-based backup solutions can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional disaster recovery and help you deal with every type of: failure, theft, loss and major natural disaster.

The object is to have your data in a few strategic locations, your hard drive, an external hard drive and possibly off-site in our data center. This way you’re assured your data can be restored with the least amount of concern or stress.

Daylite is the core of your business and its ability to be reliably backed up is critical to your survival and sustainability. The loss in time, revenue and business failures due to data loss are staggering and a fully-managed backup and disaster recovery program is the best preventative measure a business can take.


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