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Custom Report Writing

Custom Report Writing

Hi-Fi Reports With Tightly Integrated Information

There are two paths you can take with regard to Daylite report writing.
1. Have it written for you.
2. Learn how to write them for yourself.

Writing reports takes careful thought because knowing what you want the report to accomplish helps determine in many ways the design and build for the data structure in Daylite. This is a very powerful CRM with equally powerful report writing capabilities. That said, it is not for the report-writing faint of heart.

There are many reports built into Daylite, but if you need something special, there is always the custom report.
In CRM and databases this is quite the norm and we have been writing reports in 4D, Crystal Reports, FileMaker and Omnis for years. Report and data-structure go hand-in-hand with a well-implemented Daylite and its reporting capabilities.

If you are one that is inclined to delve into this arena, then we highly recommend Eric O'Connell's book on the topic.
Daylite Reporting Fundamentals will provide you with a greater level of understanding design concepts, elements and data sources. This is a must read for the DIYer.
Daylite Reporting Fundamentals

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