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Daylite Implementation

Implementation: A decision, plan, agreement or tool put into effect to accomplish a goal or strategy.

There are 5 stages to the implementation of a successful CRM solution.
1. Putting the Customer First
2. Start with a Strategy and the End In Mind
3. Daylite As A Sustainable Revenue Center Rather Than A Cost-Cutting Measure
4. Create A Customer-Focused Organization
5. Tailor And Grow Your Business Based On Information Mined From Your Own CRM

Meticulous attention to detail from the initial email or phone call with the customer is how successful business transactions get done.
1. Reviewing paper documents and forms, letter templates, nomenclatures - nothing gets overlooked, and in the end the combination of your business practice and the technical advantages of Daylite CRM give you a superior long-term solution.
2. Migrating your data from legacy databases, or another CRM solution on any platform, while maintaining data integrity and security.
3. Customizing your information in ways that allow deep, meaningful mining and use, ensure accuracy in customer, prospect, employee, appointment, task, opportunity and project tracking for relational marketing and best-in-class product and service delivery.

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