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All PlugIns For Daylite 6

All PlugIns For Daylite 6

Extend Daylite’s functionality with iOSXpert modules, plugins and connectors and experience endless possibilities.

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Daylite PlugIns

Daylite PlugIns

There are a growing number of plugins that extend its capabilities for many companies.

Orion staff will identify and recommend plugins that will enhance your Daylite experience and increase productivity. 

Time&Budget: Increase business analytics and invoice directy in Daylite.

Web&Map: Goegraphically locate any address you have in Daylite and find your contact within a radius of them. Tremendously useful for travel and event invitations.

DayliteDocs: Find nd manage documents inported or atteched in Daylite.

WebForms: Allow your customers and prospects to fill out webforma nd automation populate Daylite along with automated workflows.

EmailMarketing: Manage and analyze MailChimp email marketing campaing statistics with Daylite.

Plugins may be fun and additcitng with the added benefit of improved user experience and productivity.

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