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Daylite as a service

Daylite as a service

To buy or not to by… Many companies struggle with capital expenditures vs operating expenses when growing their business.
Software as a service can alleviate the start-up costs associated with additional hardware, infrastructure and software costs.
85% of all Apple-based business (Apple business team estimates) need a robust CRM, or customer relationship management solution, to help manage the work-product they generate daily. For this reason, cost should not be the only investment considered in the decision-making process. Orion’s SaaS allows tremendous flexibility and scalability when managing critical business information.
For a low monthly fee, the only concern your business has is its business, while Orion manages the infrastructure, your team is growing your business with tools like the iMac, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Daylite.

Here are a few of the advantages to Orion’s SaaS.

  • Low initial costs
  • Painless upgrades
  • Apple software integration
  • Move your data anywhere, anytime and have a legacy CRM

Orion’s Daylite SaaS has increased in popularity because it simplifies the deployment and on-boarding process while reducing acquisition costs. The subscription-based pricing model will keep IT costs consistent and eliminate the need for heavy investment in custom solutions when not necessary.

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