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I love to help people and companies grow. Writing papers and articles in various publications and industries helps accomplish this. I just love the opportunity to share all I've gleaned over many years of life experience.

This time I'm having what my family refers to as my "stream of consciousness". And in this arena I'll stick to Apple, Business, Software Solutions and the myopic perspecitve of manufacturers and developers on the platform until now.

Based on over 30 years of experience in the tech industry I have a unique view working with Apple and its many smaller developers.

Our experience with CRM on the Apple platform is that while Apple had the first CRM on a desktop computer in the form of C.A.T., Apple users must invest huge resources in time looking for a business solution they don’t know exists. MacUser is gone, MacWorld is a consumer magazine, trade shows push IT solutions. Apple staff tend to be young and willing to learn yet many lack the business acumen a business owner is looking for in a trusted resource. Businesses are’t generally looking for another device they are looking to fulfill a dream and devices just don’t do that, lifestyle does that, corporate culture does that, people you invest in and grow with does that.

Duct Tape & Databases:

There are core business solutions a business needs to grow, CRM, Accounting, Database & File Management, Project Management and Email Marketing and at the end of the day most of the companies we have have worked within 30 years have a hodgepodge of programs duck-taped together in a fashion Red Green, of the similarly monikered show, would be proud of.

to be continued...

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