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Customer Relationship Management

Orion Integrated Information Technology delivers proven results in the most critical of business needs.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is not simply nice to have but rather a must-have technology for businesses in all types of industries.

With CRM our emphasis is placed on the way your company uses technology to analyze customer relationship to improve the total customer, prospect and vendor experience.

Apple business teams state that 85% of their business customers would increase productivity through the use of Daylite/CRM. That ratio increases significantly when partnering with Orion.

We have served one discriminating niche for many years and that experience has had many benefits for our staff and our customers.

Find out why so many business owners have chosen Orion and Daylite to help them grow. Whether you need powerful office solutions or robust mobile solutions, Daylite is the CRM to manage that task while keeping your team highly effective and your critical business information up-to-date, safe and secure.

It’s never been easier to get more power and productivity for your organization.

Great Performance.

No matter which Apple device you choose, you get Daylite’s superior performance for everything a CRM can do.

Fully Integrated.

Daylite brings out the best in your team, so you get a fully integrated system where your staff, Apple products and Daylite work together seamlessly.

Easy and Intuitive.

Easy to navigate, create, share and do just about everything you need from a productivity suite.

From Daylite on your desktop, to your iPhone and iPad, it’s all designed to be easy and intuitive.

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