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iDaylite HCRM - Hosted Daylite

iDaylite HCRM - Hosted Daylite

iDayliteHCRM: Remote Hosted Daylite:

One of the great values to Daylite is that it is a superior Premise Customer Relationship Management solution with best-in-class “Cloud” access to critical business information and team management. For some SMBs, (Small and Medium-size Business) having a trusted resource manage every aspect of Daylite Hosting has its rewards.

Fully-Managed Peace-of-Mind:
1. Power and Environment
2. Internet Connectivity, IP Address, Bandwidth
3. Security & Reliability
4. Cost Efficiency & Scalability

Managed hosting is when a customer leases a server without sharing it with anyone. In the meantime, Orion takes care of the server's functions. This means ensuring that it stays up and making sure that any technical issues are taken care of. Hosted refers to that fact that you don’t have to handle it in any way. This relationship allows you to calculate for the expected operating expense rather than the unexpected capital expenditure of equipment purchase or repairs.

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